Front Masks

There are a range of areas on the exterior of your Mercedes that you likely want to protect. One major area on your vehicle that can come into contact with a range of debris would be your front. The front end might face rocks, debris, bugs, and other things that can cause damage. If you want to keep this area protected, the best line of defense would be a front end mask. You don't want there to be dings in the grille of your car or chips on your paint. A front end mask will preserve the paint, prevent dents or dings, and can even change up the look of your vehicle. Front masks are typically made from a thick vinyl material that can absorb impact from items flying through the air. While the exterior of the mask is thick, it is made with a sensitive and soft material on the surface that rests on your vehicle, so it won't leave any scratches behind. The best thing to ensure is to get a front mask made for your specific model. Find one here at German Auto Parts Source.

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